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Is it Time to Text?

Texting does have it's place... especially for "I'm thinking about you" "Looking forward to our date tomorrow" "I'm on my way" "Just confirming time on ___day" etc. Some may find texting a better form of communicating than others do, however the info below is something I have found that in 14 years of helping single and married clients create connection has worked.. every time.

I know we live in a fast paced and immediate gratification world, so texting is often times the means of much communication. The challenge with that is that it is interpreted by the giver and receiver in their own understanding, which is not necessarily the way it was intended. This can leave a void or displacement of sentiment and can cause undo emotional responses. While talking with someone on the phone includes tonality, expression, opportunity, and less need for clarification, as well as can create better connection. Video, and in person adds even more connection and understanding as these include more of the senses. In person includes all the above as well as the energetic connection of the individuals.

Thought I'd share some wisdom with you!

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