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Upcoming Events/Seminars

 "Happiness of the Soul"

Christ-Centered Singles Edition 


A deep-dive immersion into transforming yourself and getting ready for the partner of your life. This is a solution-based experience versus just informative. Topics include: Balancing work, life, and love; learning happiness of the soul, and how to make connections. Come prepared for connective and interactive activities.


Are you living in the past, present, or future? How is it affecting you and how do you change it if you choose to?


Currently booking California and Utah for these events. In the past, this seminar has been standing room only, so we fully expect for it to sell out.  While this has a $1500 value, we are offering it for an introductory rate of $249 and an early bird special (register before May 24th) for $199! Light snacks and drinks will be included.

Email for additional information

Future Events/Seminars

"Happiness of the Soul"

We recognize that each profession, position, and stage of life carry their own unique challenges. That is why we are creating individualized and specialized focus for the following groups:

*Medical Professionals Edition 

*Dental Professionals Edition

*Womens Edition

*Teens Edition

*Couples Edition

*Concussion/TBI Support Network Edition

Location and final details are forthcoming. Please click link below to find up-to-date information and registration. Reserve your spot now as space is limited! You may also be eligible for an early-bird special.

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