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"Victoria is a very caring person. Her eyes see beyond walls and into hearts. With ears that hear the cries of the soul. Hands that deliver strength to those in need. I trust her."

- Martin P.

"Living with anxiety and depression is something only those burdened with it can understand. It got to the point that even with medication, the symptoms were still running my life. I felt desperate and scared. All of my relationships felt compromised, and as a new mother, I felt like I was failing on all accounts. I had run out of answers. 


However, by some miracle, and yes, I say miracle, I met Victoria. I truly believe the universe brings people into our lives for a reason. Victoria was the answer I had been searching and praying for.

"To know Victoria is to know a woman who deeply cares about helping people, no matter what issues they face.

Her two decades in the healthcare field have given her a level of knowledge and experience that is unmatched. Couple her experience with her warmth and her keen ability to heal people, and you have a woman that can do just about anything.


I realize that no ONE person can save the entire world, but if I had to choose one person who I felt was truly qualified for the job, my choice is Victoria Hoffman!"


- John G.

"I was in a low, foggy, hopeless headspace before I met with her. After our very first session, I felt bright, light, and hopeful again. Victoria helped me find what was already inside of me buried deep down under the weight of life and the world."


-Rachel R.

"Everything is different than traditional therapy, but it works 10x better. VICTORIA HOFFMAN IS AMAZING1 I would have gotten nowhere without her."

- K. Thal

"I loved the spirit I felt. It felt good to acknowledge the hurt, anger, pain without having to "tell my story," having to re-live or re-tell painful events. It felt good to simply describe what I was feeling and seeing and virtually being able to release anything I was holding on to. I liked that I didn't feel rushed or like I had a timeframe to stick to. I was allowed to let my mind and body work at their pace. I enjoyed the peace and release I felt."

- A. Alexander

Immediately, I realized she was different than others I had spoken to and her calming and peaceful demeanor remained with me for months. Unfortunately, as a true skeptic, I waited for months before reaching out and seeking the help I so desperately needed. If only I hadn’t waited so long! Within months of meeting with Victoria I began to see a new light emerge within me. I was beginning to understand the root cause of the emotions I was having, and more importantly, how to deal with those emotions in a positive and productive way. It didn’t take long before I truly felt like the “real me.” The change I was experiencing was visceral. I felt a calm that I had never encountered and my entire mindset was altered. I was able to end my fifteen year relationship with medication and in doing so, experience life on an entirely different level. I was no longer just playing the parts of mother, wife, daughter etc. I was LIVING those parts and more importantly, ENJOYING the relationships I had and the life I had built. Victoria was put on this Earth to help others. I have no doubt that she is fulfilling her calling. She is not only gifted and wise, but kind, empathetic, and always without judgement. Never have I felt more comfortable speaking with another human being about my most personal thoughts and emotions than with she. My life has been forever changed because of her presence in it. I am forever grateful to her and the knowledge she provided. Because of her, I was able to reclaim my life in a way I never thought possible!" Heather K.

"I had let the outside world define me; Victoria helped me reconnect with my genuine self which has brought a peace, serenity and inner strength. Victoria is a very professional, compassionate life coach who is dedicated to helping her clients find, understand or remember their great potential to happiness and success in life. Victoria was the key in helping me find someone I didn't even know I lost, me."

- Sue D.

"I had an incredible experience working with Victoria, and there is so much of my current understanding I want to convey even though the words seem to fall short. 

First, I would encourage anyone who is weary, world-worn, burned out, or losing hope to give this work a try. For anyone who is not sure of who they are and would like to understand their identity and true sense of self – this work will allow you to do just that. If there is anyone who is having a difficult time getting over a life event(s) or wants to shut off the negative thoughts and emotions in their mind but feels powerless to do so – this work is also for you. You can find peace in life.

Having tried several traditional counselors, I know of no other method that can create these things so effectively and as fast as this resolution work can. The work will feel authentic because most of the healing comes from within, personal boundaries will be respected, there will be true understanding and true change, and if one is not ready for that change it will come layer by layer until he or she is ready. It is a beautiful process. My personal experience is that I met Victoria during a time in my life of great frustration and uncertainty. I did my best to do right, be happy and charitable, but I felt my options were limited, I had no plan or hope for the future, and I felt unimportant. I was miserable in my work and unable to cope. I felt close to God and the Savior, but I was unsure why I was constantly experiencing difficult things. I began the journey and enjoyed my weekly sessions, which were difficult at first (opposition) but became easier as I began to see how it was helping me and as Light gradually illuminated my life. I continued and now feel connected to my past, present and future without any blocks or feeling stuck, I feel empowered and loved and, happily, I understand how much the Savior loves me and is involved in my life. I’ve experienced revelation about the trials I endured, been privileged to heal past traumas both mine and my family members (sometimes we carry these, too). It’s helped me to know I am comprised of not just of my mind, but also of my body and spirit and that each part is important and can all agree and work together so there is harmony instead of internal conflict. There is more Light in my life than ever before! I will always be learning, growing, experiencing, falling, repenting and being challenged as life unfolds, the difference is I now have HOPE for good things to come." Tana W.

"This work is completely catered to the individual. Every session has been so eye-opening and has given me a new understanding of myself and the world around me. The work truly focuses on every aspect of my being - physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional. Every part of me is respected and given great love and consideration."

- Heather K

"Victoria at "Resolve Within" is amazing! So knowledgeable and intuitive. She has amazing gifts to help people. I have been using her professional services for months and my life has changed forever.

I have tried so many different modalities of healing and I think each of them have had their place in my healing journey, but what Victoria has been able to help me do has been so much more. I have been ready for the type of healing she helps provide for SO long now.

Her specialized training and innate personal experiences have helped her become someone who can then help others in a unique and customized way. ​ "This method of work is very specific, focused, and implements virtual parts with it in a way that I have never experienced with other methods. It  really is being resolved WITHIN and not from external forces... ​ I have learned so much from her and am breaking barriers that I have held on to for so many years (to my detriment). Not only has my physical health improved, but my spirit is so much more in tune. That connection is so powerful and important. ​ For anyone that is struggling physically, emotionally, or spiritually, I would highly recommend you get in touch with Victoria a.s.a.p., it will change your life!" ​ - Shelly S.

"I love that every aspect of this work is individual. I feel that I was able to freely express things that were heavy and then go within myself and with the help of Victoria as a guide/facilitator I am able to unearth the heavy burdened and mentally/emotionally work through it and build new pathways/perceptions about each item I work with."

Ariel P.

"At the very beginning of my daughter's sophomore year of high school I realized that her behavior was no longer what I would term, “out of control, teenage girl behavior”. She was seriously suffering with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. Some of it stemming from a close friend's recent tragic death. She and I had multiple appointments with her doctor for advice and medication. The school's behavioral counselor had an opening to put her immediately on her schedule. The situation continued to get worse with suicidal thoughts and not being able to go to school or do homework. Nothing we did seemed to help. 

I shared with a coworker what my daughter was going through and he strongly recommended someone that his daughter was currently seeing. I called Victoria and after our hour long conversation I knew she was the one that my daughter needed to talk to.


With the permission of both my daughter and Victoria, I sat in on the appointments. I was continually surprised and humbled with the progress my daughter was making during the appointments and in the weeks in between. Victoria never has an agenda of how an appointment will go. She just understands what her client needs through verbal and nonverbal communication at that time. After 2 1/2 months my daughter finished her work period I told Victoria, “I have my daughter back.... And then some”! I have my sweet, fun-loving daughter back; And, more importantly, my daughter knows who she is. She is strong and happy and ready to tackle anything that comes her way. I am so grateful that Victoria was recommended to me. I wholeheartedly recommend her to those seeking help in any way." Ann W.

"My background and degree are in psychology and I have worked with therapists and counselors in the past and had little or no success.

Victoria's Methods of are substantially more efficacious to any I've experienced before. She works with a source of the issues instead of the Band-Aid approach like most counselors and therapists who work with symptoms.

If you are tired of not seeing results in your life, contact Victoria, and watch your life change for the better!"

- C. Evans

Clergy Recommendation Letters

My name is Loraine Driscoll from American Falls Idaho.  I am 55 years old have beautiful wife, 4 children, 3 married and 3 grandchildren.  I am partners with 3 brothers in agriculture business in Idaho.

I would like to share some of what I have experienced with Resolve Within:


Victoria is very spiritual, sensitive, sincere and honest. She told me we have much more power within ourselves than we realize. That we can accelerate and complete our healing more as we access this power. In each session she pretty much would deal with where I was by keenly listening, and helping me see what was in my way with my language, thinking, emotional and mental state. I interestingly I could not see all that she was speaking to, though once she pointed to it I could generally see it. These conversations helped with more clearly identify various potential root causes. After getting a sense of where I was, she helped me increase my awareness and create a conversation with myself in directing my energy and thought to tell thank my body for all it is doing, that I understand all it's been going through, I have going through it to, and that I am working hard to help both of us. Interestingly the honesty often would generate emotions and tears supporting the truth of this process. I feel I have been making my very good progress. I still have work to do. I will continue to meet with Victoria and know through all the work I am doing I will be healed 100%. Before my illness I spent around 17 years in a leadership position serving in The Church of Jesse Christ of Latter Day Saints and ran some successful businesses. Reflecting back and seeing more clearly what others experience, and along with my illness it's been interesting to get more clarity with my past based thinking (programming, belief system, culture) the affects of my thinking and to see this more in the lives of others. Often I see people speak more to the symptoms than the root cause and effect. I respect and honor anyone's efforts to assist another by often it seems like there is a whole other l level we can tap into mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. This speaks to our relationship with ourselves and then to our relationships with others. Self love and care is important. I would recommend Victoria as another consideration to help others connect more with their power to heal and Resolve Within. I hope this is helpful for someone, Loraine D.

I wanted to express my appreciation for your message of hope to my little ward family. I asked you to speak on the topic of finding joy and experiencing hope/ happiness amidst our many challenges; And, without naming anxiety and depression, to teach us how to deal with the negative forces around us, particularly the need for perfection. Your presentation was engaging, optimistic, and wonderful.

We had fruitful discussions on hope, introspection, thoughts, and choice: leading to happiness as a choice and healthy ways to avoid negative reactions when we fail, IE shame, blame, comparison, and self judgment. You have unique experience and insights into our complex inner world. Thank you for sharing. I hope that you have the opportunity to share your message with others in our community- it was certainly valuable to mine. I would recommend your presentation to anyone battling the negative forces that rob us of joy. Thanks, Roger B.

I worked with a number of ward members who could benefit from some type of professional therapy or counseling. It was often helpful, but I was always looking for better ways to serve this growing need. I learned of Victoria's services and decided to try her out. I approached this with some skepticism and carefully followed the progress with one of my ward members. I was amazed by the results. The member made a complete personality change for the better, improving her confidence and self esteem, her happiness, and even her employability. I sent several other ward members to Victoria who also had successful outcomes. I have learned that other ward members chose to see her on their own... I have found her techniques to be very effective. 

Victoria Hoffman has worked with several of my ward members to provide life counseling services. In each case the recipients have been impressed with Victoria's kindness and love and have made remarkable progress in personal improvement. She treats everyone with respect and maintains appropriate confidence. I have personally witnessed Victoria's success in helping people work through mild depression, dealing with tragedy, and anger management. In some cases, the change has been life changing and has allowed the recipient to dramatically improve life situations. I have also seen people's attitudes and happiness levels improve significantly. I can personally recommend Victoria services to anyone with these types of needs Robert G.

With my approval, Bishop Robert G, a former singles ward Bishop of our state, referred people to [Victoria}, as the need would arise. I know that she has been a wonderful resource for my sister who has had to deal with very difficult struggles with her health and her marriage. She sings the praises of Victoria Hoffman and could not be more complimentary of the comfort and strength Victoria Hoffman has given her. From that report of someone I know well, I can affirm that Victoria Hoffman services can be very effective. 


With regards,

Daniel R.

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