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Individual Sessions

Resolve Within is a successfully proven way of helping people that allows them to find answers within themselves, for themselves.  Its synergistic approach (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) is uncommon and unique. Dedicated to helping people connect with their own inner power, resources and authentic self. Resolve Within is intended to help clients achieve well-being and become the best versions of themselves possible. 

One on One sessions with Victoria is nothing like you have experienced before. Each session is as uniquely different and diverse as each client and their individual needs. There is no reliving past traumas, no stories to be told, no "feelings" to be discussed. Resolve Within focuses on moving forward. It teaches the individual to heal their hurt and face the future unburdened. There is no set agenda, action, or time schedule; each sessions sets its own course.

You may ask, "What is if it doesn't work?" Instead ask yourself, "What if it does."

Consider the possibilities! 

"Before beginning the life transforming Wellness program with Victoria, my life was all over the place. I felt lost and like I was going in circles leading to nowhere. Upon my initial reference to Victoria, I was very skeptical of any Wellness program. I have already been through so many therapy programs and mental health professionals for my depression that I had lost hope that there was someone out there who could possibly help me. I decided that this program would be my last shot and I determined that I would put my full self and all my efforts into it, that way, if it did not help, I could feel assured that I had indeed exhausted every resource available to me.


Boy let me tell you, every effort is required in this program, but I am so glad that I did not withhold a single part of myself. Since starting the program only a few weeks ago, my life has made a complete 180 degree turn for the better.

I no longer wish to end my life! I have gained a sense of worth. I can truly identify as a son of God and I feel that my relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ, has grown tremendously. I can feel the power of his atoning love and sacrifice every time I think of him. Light has become a part of the essence of my life, even in the simplest of choices like what kind of music to listen to. I have changed to the point where I only want to listen to music that brings light into my life. I feel more balanced. I feel more in control of my reactions to everyday situations. Things that used to take a big toll on me, like stress from work, has become manageable and even light! With Victoria's life transforming Wellness program, I feel like I can better understand what my body is trying to tell me and how to communicate with it more effectively. I have gained a sense of meaning and my life has more purpose. My work in the program has truly been life transforming!" - Conner C.

"Going to Victoria is like the credit card commercial- First with visit with Victoria- however many dollars, second visit with Victoria- however many dollars; the way you feel after a session with Victoria- PRICELESS!!!"


- Vicki S.

"I enjoy that there are no pre-conceived notions on how each session is going to go. I truly feel that my mind guides the session and the way Victoria follows along and aids in that process is amazing.... This type of wor is nothing I've seen before and the gratitude I feel for God bringing Victoria into my life is immense. I tyuly feel like I have the opportunity to finally be who I truly am and was always meant to be."

- Heather K.

"I was able to keep my job without going on ... depression or anxiety medication. I am able to keep a journal and tasks have helped me progress and see my progression. I would be in the psych ward without this work. It has helped me not take my own life when I was in my darkest times."

- Cori P.

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