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Meet Victoria

Victoria Hoffman is the CEO and founder of Resolve Within, a referral based practice specializing in the mind-body connection. She is sought after for her diverse training, wisdom, guidance and insight for some of life's most difficult challenges.  Working with individuals, groups, and organizations worldwide through speaking engagements, private sessions, trainings, and retreats, her mission and purpose in life is to help others who are going through great challenges access their inner resources and find the resolve within themselves.  

Having worked in the traditional medical field for over 20 years, Victoria has great respect for the medical community. However, the soul wrenching experience  that challenged her mind, body and soul in every way with the loss of her son, she began searching for answers where traditional methods and therapies didn't work. It was then that Victoria began studying other methods of healing and discovered her own heart, mind, and soul to find the truth and divinity of who she authentically is. Her journey and newfound truth  gave her a unique perspective and allowed her to shift from pain to purpose. Through this she has developed a successfully proven, totally natural, medication-free approach. Her cutting edge techniques and processes can yield rapid and long lasting results. Victoria is trained in various mind/body modalities including EFT, Life Coach, Success Strategies, NLP, and Guided Imagery among others. She began her private practice in 2010. Victoria combines all her tools, training, insight, and wisdom in helping guide people towards healing.

Victoria is a California native who loves the beach, mountains, sunshine, and being actively involved in her community and church. She is a published writer - currently working on her first book which focuses on an individuals innate ability to heal themselves from within. She is available for speaking engagements, individual sessions, and featured articles.

Previous Speaking Engagements, Seminars, Events,

Articles and Past/Present Programs

Speaking Engagements
* Utah State University - Interactive Keynote at USU Leadership Conference

* The Green Light to Happiness - It's an Inside Job - Interactive

* Happiness of the Soul - It's an Inside Job - Interactive (multiple conference's/locations/states/groups)
* Finding Joy, Experiencing Hope and Happiness Interactive (individuals/religious clergy)

* Live, Love, Laugh - Interactive (Helping ourselves and others) - Women's Conference
* Learn your Limits and Unlimit Yourself (beliefs/patterns/change)
* Sabotage No
More (create the life you want)

* Breakthrough the Barriers - Clearing limiting beliefs, Gaining self trust, and Facing fear (full day)

* Let Go - Stress Release (medical personnel and religious clergy)

* Pursue your Path to Happiness - Mid Singles Conference
* Navigating the Waters of Online and in Person Dating (3 part


* Free The Real You

* Empowerment in Older Adults
* No More Burn Out (for Nurses and Hospice Workers)

* Happiness of the Soul - It's an Inside Job (transformational resolve within)


* The Light Within - Published Article in I Am Enough magazine


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