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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe what you do?


I ask clients questions to help them discover their own answers. I believe everyone has their own answers. I ask questions to help the two come together. I also believe we have a lower and higher mind: the lower mind holds the problem and the higher mind holds the solution. Through a series of questions unique to the individual or group I’m speaking with they can help discover their own resolutions. I do not have client's answers, they do. I just help them discover them.

Are you a therapist and is this a form of therapy?


No. Therapy works with the stories of the past and discovering why something happened the way it did and asking for understanding of the past. Usually you have to re-experience the past in therapy. You do not need to do that here. Therapists also give insight into actions and motivations and prescribe actions and behavior changes. That is often called talk therapy and can be very valuable. Many individuals can benefit from having a therapist hear and work out their issues, providing steps for them to work on. Therapy, however, can often take years to resolve issues.

My coaching can help people resolve their challenges in as little as a few sessions. I believe you have your own solutions and I’m here to help you find and access them. Sessions aren’t about me and what I know about a client. In fact, I don’t need to know anything about the challenges they are dealing with. I do not analyze you or offer my opinions about your situation or what you need to do. I’m here to coach you to find your own solutions and move forward.

When I’m working with someone, I simply ask questions to help them identify the bridge of where they are at currently, and where they want to go on it. In doing so, they take themselves from their problem to their solution. Oftentimes, the answer is very simple, however the symptoms get in the way or distract from the answers everyone has within themselves. Sometimes my clients have exhausted other forms of help and are losing hope. This is where this work comes in.

Are you a psychiatrist or psychologist?

I’m neither. I’m not a clinically-licensed therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist or clinician. I am a coach and wellness facilitator.

How did you learn to do what you do and can I learn how to do it as well?

I’ve always had an understanding of people most of my life. After a personal devastating trauma that destroyed my world, a doctor asked me a question and when she asked me that question, my body began to heal itself and I began a search to discover how that was possible. It led me to looking at alternative methods that were available outside of traditional therapies, as I did try those as well. Finding that they did not work for me as I needed, I sought to discover other ways of healing. In that, I discovered and studied the way people interacted with themselves and each other. I interviewed people about their experiences with life in all its facets (relationships, death, health, etc.). I also spent time with great minds and mentors. I learned the different levels the mind has to become mindful, to relax, to become completely in tune with the inner world within us and the bridge from the “lower mind” to the “higher mind.”

My practice is observational, intuitive and based on years of experience with people. It’s very unique and it would be difficult to transfer via training my methodology and insights to someone else. So, I’m the only one that does this type of work.

Can I work with you if I already meet with a licensed therapist or psychiatrist?


Yes. This can be a very complementary work, and I believe in whatever is best for the client. That said, I do not share or exchange personal information with a client’s therapist without that client’s consent. 

Do I need to believe in a higher power to be a client?

It is important to come in with a belief in something greater than yourself. This could be hope, light, the universe, a higher power, peace or God. 


As an active Christian myself, I believe that the Spirit can witness to each person individually of the truth within themselves. I work to help clients connect more with the light within as I believe we are all God’s children, and that our spirits hold the answers to resolve both our physical and spiritual conflicts.

How many times do I need to meet with you to resolve my issues?

I have no idea, that depends on the individual client. Some have their challenges resolved within one session, while others chose to have multiple sessions to help themselves resolve multiple patterns or causes. Since clients are facilitating their own changes, the effects can often be felt much sooner than traditional therapy.

What happens in a typical session? Do I tell you my story or answer a lot of questions? Do I lay on a couch?

Good questions! I offer both in person and virtual sessions (yes I do have a couch for your comfort, but also chairs. You decide what you are most comfortable with). The first session is 1.5-2 hours and each session thereafter can be between 1-2 hours. This is not a time-based work, but a shift-based work. Meaning, that if you’re in the middle of a shift, we won’t stop since we want to honor the space your mind and body are working in. If possible, we want to allow the resolution to complete its course without interruption.

In the beginning, clients usually prefer to meet with me once a week. As we progress through sessions, the mind and body tends to work more quickly in resolving challenges that have been brought to their awareness.

Do you work with groups and organizations?

Yes and I love doing this kind of work. If you’re interested in having me speak to your group or organization in person or virtually, feel free to reach out. I’ve worked with churches, schools, medical professionals, businesses and other groups. I’ve also spoken at conferences and universities.

I’m just finding you on this website and would like to schedule some personal sessions with you. What do I do next?

Call me and we’ll chat to see if we’d be a good fit to work together. Most of my clients are by referral only. I’m selective about my clients because not everyone is ready to do their own work. This work needs to be a match for both of us, and is often about timing, so it’s important that you’re ready to do the work you need for yourself.

How do you take payment? Do you take insurance?

While I do not take insurance, I’m happy to provide a receipt for your own insurance reimbursement. I do accept credit cards, checks, cash, Venmo, PayPal, HSA cards, and can work with church clergy and businesses for payment.


Victoria Hoffman combines her unique skills, vast knowledge, and diverse experience to help people overcome the challenges they face today...for the future they want tomorrow!


She believes that each person is unique in their individuality, thoughts, actions, challenges, and resolve. Victoria enjoys working in a synergistic approach with medical providers, mental health workers, and spiritual clergy for the best possible outcomes of her clients.

Victoria Hoffman is not a licensed psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychologist, or other mental health provider. She is also not a doctor, physician, or medical provider. Individual results may vary and services provided are not intended to be a substitute for the professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by your own medical and/or mental health provider.

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