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Victoria is a highly sought-after Public Speaker. Despite how large the audience is (1 - 500+), she innately connects with each and every audience member on a level of love and acceptance. She excels at generating audience participation. No one is simply a bystander when Victoria's on stage. Her passion and care to help others is palpable. But, most importantly, her audience members leave as different people than when they entered. Her wisdom and knowledge fundamentally changes how people see themselves and how they interact with the world. Victoria has spoken for corporations, leadership workshops, educational meetings, and small groups. She is comfortable in all settings and with all age groups. If you haven't heard Victoria speak, sign up now. You will quickly find out why people come back for more and more.

Previous Speaking Engagements

* Utah State University - Interactive Keynote at USU Leadership Conference

* The Green Light to Happiness - It's an Inside Job - Interactive

* Happiness of the Soul - It's an Inside Job - Interactive (multiple conference's/locations/states/groups)
* Finding Joy, Experiencing Hope and Happiness Inte
ractive (individuals/religious clergy)

* Live, Love, Laugh - Interactive (Helping ourselves and others) - Women's Conference
* Learn your Limits and Unlimit Yourself (beliefs/patterns/change)
* Sabotage No More (create the life you want)

"It was refreshing and some people say the expression "food for thought." This speech/presentation was a freaking "FEAST for thought!"

I liked how it wasn't a lecture but more involved. It felt a lot more personal that way..."

"This was a very factual presentation/discussion of how to organize and plan your own thoughts to know the power and capacity of one's self."

Other words used to describe Victoria's presentations:











Life Changing

"This is a message that needs to spread!"

"What was great about today's presentation, and set it apart from other leadership workshops I have observed before, was that Victoria's presentation opened a new window to students who are interested in leadership opportunities, giving them a different perspective on what leadership means and how our minds can enhance our leadership experiences."

- E. Dalton

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