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Victoria's Background

Victoria Hoffman has worked alongside First Responders in assisting those in crisis and  trauma situations. As a leader  at Trauma  Intervention Program (TIP), she is trained to know and respect how various cultures, religious beliefs, and backgrounds can effect one's response to  trauma.  She also worked alongside medical personnel and LCSW's to minimize some of the effects pain, anxiety/trauma, and fears for Saddleback Memorial Medical Center's Compassionate Listening and No One Dies Alone programs. Her success in these programs, and in her own life, led to many doctors referrals and an opportunity to partner with an internal medicine office. Eventually, Victoria opened up her very own private Practice. Through the years, this practice began to be known as "The Office of Miracles.

Victoria partnered with Pepperdine University on a collaborative study with Pepperdine's Department of Psychology. She has completed extensive courses and certifications in: Success Strategist, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Guided Imagery Specialist, Time Dynamics Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, and in Meditation and Relaxation. Numerous continuing education courses completed through Total Health Mastery and The International Association for Adult and Continuing Education (IACET).


Although Victoria learned much from these courses, they still lacked what she was individually looking for. Yet, through this, she discovered there could be another way to approach healing and developed her own unique and transformative ways to heal - initially just for herself. However, as her techniques are unique, solution-based, and long-lasting, Victoria was continually sought out for her help and ability to reach others. People are always amazed at how quickly they progress working with Victoria and even call it miraculous! Good thing she believes in miracles. 

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