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Traumatic Brain Injury Support Network
California and Utah

As one who has worked with the mind for over 14 years and personally suffered the devastating effects of a TBI, Victoria understands this effects the individual as well as their entire support network. This retreat is focused on providing understanding, love, support strategies, and answers you may not have found elsewhere.

With seminars currently scheduled for both California and Utah, we are also planning a retreat next Spring.

RWmother daughter 3.jpeg

Mother/Daughter- Finding Joy

Come and enjoy quality bonding time with your daughter in the beautiful mountains and Pineview Reservoir of the Huntsville/Eden, Utah area. In addition to life/relationship transforming workshops, fun, and connection, you and your daughter will share memorable one-of-a-kind experiences.

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Women's Retreat - Finding Joy

There is a unique connection that women share, along with many unrealistic societal pressure they face. This retreat is focused on becoming aware of and transforming those unrealistic expectations, individually and collectively Come and be pampered while having fun and engaging in memorable experiences - all while transforming your life!   


Doctor's Retreat
Spring 2024

We recognize the weight of the pressure and stress that individuals in the medical community carry. This retreat will be held in the mountains of Southern California and will focus on creating balance in work, home, and life. Have a relaxing, fun weekend while also learning powerful techniques to let go of some of the weight...

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