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Not your Normal Seminar

Gone are the days of long and boring seminars. Victoria's Hoffman's seminars are socially conscious, respectful, and responds to the individual needs of the attendees. It is not a passive information-based experience, but rather an interactive one as Victoria's style is more akin to discussion than lecture. Her seminars are unique and different in every way as she helps address self-awareness, personal empowerment, and the power of choice.

Where other seminars can cover the same message wrapped up in new styles,  there is no play book Victoria follows. Her past seminars have ranged from topics as diverse as "navigating the single world" to "happiness of the soul." The only commonality of her seminars is achieving inner peace. While it may seem rare for one to fundamentally change due to one seminar,  that is exactly the experience of many previous participants of Victoria's seminars. 

Victoria has great respect for each person's individual paths and beliefs. Her - "No judgement. No labels" approach is unique in a field where one size does not fit all.  More than that, it is her rallying cry and truth.

***Victoria can also develop personal specialized seminars for your organizations.  Contact us for further information.

Previous Events/Seminars

* Breakthrough the Barriers - Clearing limiting beliefs, Gaining self trust, and Facing fear (full day)

* Let Go - Stress Relief (medical personnel and religious clergy)

* Pursue your Path to Happiness - Mid Singles Conference
* Navigating the Waters of Online and in Person Dating (3 part series)

***Retreats are an exciting new addition to Resolve Within.  Explore our upcoming options...

"She is a woman of generous spirit, unique gifts and talents.  People immediately feel a connection with Victoria as her caring, loving, and accepting nature puts people at ease"

"She uses a combination of her keen spiritual insight, remarkable skills, and diverse training to help people with all of life's challenges."

"She lives as she teaches and brings joy and light to all those she comes in contact with."

"Victoria's love, compassion, and unique gifts help people in all aspects of their life's journey."

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